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4 SEO Tips That You Must Pledge To Follow In 2017

The past few years have been very hectic for google. A host of updates, variety of changes and removal of certain features from its search console, google is doing everything to make user experience it’s paramount.

As the new year dawns, it’s no surprise that google will roll out major trends throughout the year. So if you are a SEO geek, then it is perfect time for you to take note of these 4 tips:

1. It’s all in the video
It is going to be the next big thing. 2016 was the year of videos where they ruled the market and they are going to continue the same trend in 2017. Glide through all the top notch websites and blogs, you will find videos posted everywhere.

The simple reason for viewing videos is because people don’t have the time to read content. If the user wants to know about the product and features about a company, they will switch over to youtube. So why not give them a enthralling video and hold them to your website. This in turn will increase organic traffic.

2. Age of mobile 
How many times google has indicated the importance of this? First it was AMP and now the significance towards mobile friendly websites. The search engine mammoth is giving utmost priority towards mobile searches.

The thing here is, not make your website just mobile friendly. Design in it a way that it loads fast and better. Use medium resolution images, turn of the video auto-play, focus on displaying content first.

3. Keywords have lost a bit of importance 
But it’s not all gone – never make this mistake. Google will tell you to continuously focus on content, but keywords still hold their position. What has actually happened is, you no longer need to stuff keywords in the content, a few tricks here and there will do it.

Above all, you do not need to place the exact keywords that people are searching for. Google rank brain is going to be effective from this year. The algorithm guesses the keywords and results in the website you are looking for. So even if your website doesn’t contain the keyword, if it’s relevant it will be displayed.

4. Long content is coming back 
Simply because people are getting bored of reading the same old articles. Current statistics reveal that there is a high bouncing rate with websites having shorter articles. People now tend to read longer articles.

Make sure your website is rich in content, give statistics, give the reader that believe that whatever has been posted is genuine and authentic. Be sure people stay and this will result in organic traffic on your website.