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4 Social Media Trends That Will Change The Game In 2017

There is no doubt that the evolution of social media is growing rapidly, breaking down the barriers and becoming a part of the routine all over the globe. With the world population sitting at a hefty 7+ billion people, it becomes a great opportunity for brands to create their presence.

The evolution of social media is nothing but short of incredible. It had meek beginnings in the start when it started as portal to connect friends and family. But now, it has turned out to be a juggernaut for brands and putting other marketing methods to bite the dust.

The popularity of social media has been growing rapidly and there are no signs of stopping down. Brands are making putting this medium to great effect and have come up with innovative strategies to create an impact on the audience.

Wondering what are the developments for the year 2017. Let us have a look then:

1. Social network has boomed up in the past decade
Communicating through this medium has seen rapid rise in the past decade. If the forecasts turn out to be true, it will continue to grow in the coming years. Humans are those social creatures and this push to connect has been the root to social media development.

2. Real time engagement
Another key area that has seen growth is through social media is the ability to run client based support programmes. Users expect that brand should have their social media teams on their feed to resolve their queries.

3. Driving decisions through analytics
During the previous day’s, social media was either a hit or miss when it came to the marketing aspect and relied much on a gut feeling. Looking at today’s scenario, social media analytics has gotten more powerful, comprehensive and easy for the layman to understand it.

4. Social Media Influencers
Connecting with social media influencers helps increase awareness about your brand, create brand advocates and increase online reputation. These influencers can help you in several ways like writing a good product or service review or share news regarding your company on social media.

5. Social video wins again
It is hard to ignore this one, but snapchat has over 10 billion daily views on its content. Let us wait for a moment to let that number sink in. This even exceeds youtube, a website that focuses on showcasing videos and snapchat is turning around them since the past two years.

To be honest it does not take any prophet to see where social media will be heading. At the moment, it has been a revelation on many fronts, news, content and marketing are a few to name. As people come up with innovative ideas, social media will always be on the rise.

Unlike other forms of media, social media is cruising like a super wave into the future. As people are becoming more smarter and aware, so has social media.