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5 Digital Marketing Trends To Expect In 2019

If it’s new year resolutions for everyone, for us, it is the digital marketing trends of every coming year that matter the most. After all, it’s only after learning and being updated with the New Year Digital Marketing Trends that we can apply the same to our beloved clients and enrich their businesses.

As we look back to our 2018 Digital Marketing Trends blog, there were mention of Monitored Platforms, Quick Assistance Searches, Video Ads, Machine Learning and Chatbots. Over the year, there is no doubt that each of these grew leaps and bounds and are now major pillars in the digital media industry of the country.

In today’s blog, We enlist the digital media trends of 2019 that we are counting on. These 2019 digital media trends will play a dominant role in garnering and maintaining your audience’s attention.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

47% of digitally mature organizations have a defined AI strategy


Simply, AIcan be thought of as a bunch of computers that can analyze things rapidly and use of AI is sure to hit the surge in 2019.

Benefits of AI:

  • Enhances efficiency
  • Alternative for repetitive human work
  • Step towards automation
  • Solves complex problems
  • Cost-efficient


An average adult can experience about 150 micro-moments in 3 hours 35 minutes (average) mobile usage per day


The 4 kinds of micro-moments are (a) “I want to know …” (b)“I want to go …” (c)“I want to buy …” (d) “I want to do …”. Your content should be competent enough to grab the attention of your potential customers who take a split-second to decide their purchase action based on web research.

Benefits of micro-moments:

  • Scope to the influence buying decision
  • Better space in the competitive market
  • Great scope for brands to connect with the audience

Smart Speakers

The Indian smart home devices market saw annual growth of 107% in the second quarter of 2018

-International Data Corporation (IDC)

We believe, in 2019 digital marketing trends, voice will continue to be the next disruptor. To capitalize on this trend, we suggest optimizing your website for voice search.

Benefits of smart speakers:

  • Very useful for physically challenged consumers
  • Quick and hassle-free to use
  • Works like your own digital assistant
  • Makes one more independent
  • Improves communication skills

Local Influencer Marketing

89% of marketers have found influencer marketing as an effective medium

-India Influence ReportÓ 2018

In 2019, the Indian digital marketing industry will focus on local influencers. Our team suggests, as SMEs if you are marketing locally, try getting in touch with local influencers and create long-term campaigns.

Benefits of Local Influencer Marketing:

  • Offers quick and trackable ROI
  • Relatability factor
  • Allows niche targeting
  • Boosts SEO
  • Can be trendsetters (specially for millennials)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Indian AR and virtual reality market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 76% over the next 5 years

-GrowthEnabler (reported by The Hindu)

AR is, of course, a part of the 2019 digital marketing trends and is expected to reach its pinnacle, this year. Ikea Place, Snapchat and Pokémon Go are globally recognised brands that use it.

Benefits of Augmented Reality:

  • Increase in user engagement
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Relate your digital marketing campaign to physical experience

That said, good marketing can never be replaced by trends. There are only three best ways to stand out from a crowd:

(a) Build your brand

(b) Tell a great story

(c) Provide helpful and authentic content