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5 Free SEO Audit Tools That Can Improve Your Website Performance In 2019

Prepared by our in-house SEO experts, this list of SEO Audit Tools is an exception because, for every SEO Audit Tool included, you will learn when or for what purpose you can use it. Hope this helps you execute a quick SEO audit, this December and thus, boost your web performance at the start of 2019.

1. Seoptimer

Locates website errors and recommends solutions

Seoptimer is a particular favourite of SEO experts as it can check your website URLs in a minimum of 30 seconds.

  • Can be downloaded as Google Chrome extension
  • Provides on-page optimization recommendations
  • To check, you have to just enter the URL
  • Scores your website based on parameters like security/mobile-friendliness
  • Assesses website backlink portfolio and sitemap

2. Google Search Console (GSC)

For technical SEO edit

This one was previously called Google Webmaster Tools. GSC gives you direct insight from Google that is, how Google considers your website.

  • Receive direct Google messages about issues in your website
  • Offers Content Keywords report. Thus, content creators can assess their work
  • With Search Analytics feature, you can learn about your traffic changes, common queries, click-through rates and more
  • Track your website’s mobile compatibility with GSC’s Mobile Usability Report
  • Detects errors in structured data in codes of your website

3. Siteliner

For plagiarism and duplicate content

Siteliner can check plagiarism and duplicate content within your entire website. In its free version, you can each of your websites once in a month.

  • Generates live report while crawling your website
  • Only reads publicly accessible pages of your website
  • Using Siteliner, you can download Site Report, Current Table and XML Sitemap
  • Shows webpage list that you skipped during a scan
  • Shows cached version of the selected webpage

4. AccuRanker

Quick rank progression of your keywords
  • Precise and rapid keyword rank progression
  • Weekly report feature for your keyword matrics
  • Offers highly localized search engine keyword rankings
  • Estimated search traffic displays on AccuRanker dashboard
  • Can be integrated with Google Analytics, GSC, Social Monitoring, and YouTube

5. Keyword Clarity

Keyword grouping tool

This is a free keyword grouping tool with only three steps – Import Keywords, Visualize Keyword Groups and Export.

  • Allows identification of keyword clusters
  • In-built keyword manipulations surface
  • Permits semantic keyword grouping
  • Distribute keywords alphabetically or count-wise
  • Download keyword group in CSV file format

To learn new and quick ways of SEO implementation for free, please feel free to get in touch with our in-house SEO experts.

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