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5 Pillars Of A Successful Social Media Campaign For Your Brand

One common similarity between social and traditional media campaigns is they both can turn out to be an epic failure, if not taken care from the initial stage.

The internet is flooded with articles that list failed social media campaigns. We miss it because we are too mesmerized browsing the successful social media ads in different networks.

Failed social media ad campaigns directly impact RoI, brand reputation, customer retention, market reach, and brand awareness. Thus, social media executives need to pull their socks up and be very alert at every stage of their social media campaign. Social media campaigns require minute day-to-day observation and dedicated effort from its planning till execution and analysis report.

Essentials of a Social Media Campaign

Relatability – The moment your audience sees the ad, they must be able to connect.
Honesty – Do not promise false offerings. Let your social media ads create brand trust.
Profitability – Your ad campaign must keep the scope of direct ROI for your brand.

The 3Cs of a Social Media Campaign

Content – Minimalistic, error-free and innovative content always works.
Creation and curation – Ensure plagiarism-free content to avoid legal issues later.
Crowdsource – Take insights from your colleagues before making your campaign live.

Is your Social Media Campaign SMART?

Social – Your campaign must be interactive to fetch audience attention.
Measurable – Along with social sales, it must offer monetary ROI to your brand.
Authentic – Social media ads must be 100% your brain work and not a Copy-Paste.
Relevance – It must be inclined with the current ad trends, styles, and format.
Time – Too long ads become boring while short ones fail to make an impact. Plan your ad time span wisely.

Prerequisites For Social Media Campaign Plan

Objectives – Start your ad campaign by establishing what you want as returns from it.
Target Audience – Target your audience based on gender, profession, age and so on.
Budget – Spending all money doesn’t revert the best. Thus, set your budget optimum.
Channels – Not all ads work on all social media channels. Plan your channels in advance.
Strategy – Your strategy must align with the brand persona.

Post Social Media Campaign Launch Activities

Ongoing Analytics – After a day of launching your social media ad campaign, you can track its analytics that is, the response from the audience.

Campaign-Focused Metrics – Sum up at the end of each campaign to understand which one works better for your brand.

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