Digital Marketing

5 Ways To Reuse Existing Content For Digital Marketing

The idea of innovative and unique content for promotion sounds so catchy. In reality, digging up audience and internet friendly content in today’s digital age is expensive and challenging.

Limited budget or inefficient content developers are two primary reasons for startups and conglomerates to face roadblocks in content marketing. So how do entrepreneurs address this and ensure active content marketing approaches in their organization?

The new trend of content marketing that contemporary entrepreneurs are following and gaining success is reusing their existing content. Reusing existing content in the following ways adds new scope to your digital marketing agenda and at the same time widens customer engagement.

Shortcut is the trend
Extract short snippets from your content archive and promote it. For example, you have a long blog or vlog. Cut it short, take a snippet from it and promote on social media. Considering present trends, short snippets with user-friendly content only gets greater traction on social media.

Use your services as case studies
Your service or your product or current work can add to your content. Simply, put your work in a text, audio or video mode and share as your company’s case study. Good companies fetch new clients by promoting their case studies. Case studies are a way to market yourself, your good work and your clients as well.

Visuals, images and infographics
In today’s fast-paced life there is hardly time for anyone to browse through the boring texts of your blog. How about experimenting with visuals? You can use the content of your existing blogs to develop interesting visuals, images and infographics that capture your audience’s attention and gets improved click rates.

New channels of promotion
For those who have many blogs on similar topics, you can club two or three of them and promote it as a newsletter to your target audience. Spending little extra time, you can extract content from the existing blogs, reword them and establish new content for your company. You can extract content from multiple existing blogs to create videos or podcasts as well.

Let your third-party talk
Make use of powerful sources of your network and allow them to create content for you. Simply, you can tell your oldest client to talk about the benefits of your business or request him to answer a few questions and put it up as a guest blog. Let others do the marketing for your brand.