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6 Secrets About Social Media Marketing People Don’t Tell You

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses both global and local to reach their existing and potential customers. You are missing out if you are not speaking directly to your audience through social media platforms because your customers are already engaging and interacting with your peer brands through social media. Great marketing on social media creates devoted brand advocates and drives leads and sales, which can prove to be immensely beneficial for your business.

Here are six things people don’t tell you about social media marketing:

  1. There are No Shortcuts: Growing an authentic, engaged following in social media relies on your research and analysis. You have to know your audience and testing. None of this happens overnight. The only way to guarantee success is through consistent application of a strong social media strategy.
  2. It Can Be Very Tedious Work: The job of a good social media marketer is to constantly analyze, adjust, learn and reconfigure. It involves making creative content, strategizing about when to post, what to post, whether it is making sense and if it is rewarding. Summing up, social media marketing is time taking.
  3. A Big or Fast Growing Following Isn’t Always a Measure Of Success: Success is defined differently for each brand and it lies in so many different factors. The numbers do not always reveal what the actual story is. Also, rather than having 50,000 inactive  followers, having 5,000 followers who actually engage with you are more valuable.
  4. A Lot of Time Goes into Engagement: You need to actually set time aside to engage with your audience. Like photos, leave comments, take part in the conversation. This all takes time and energy – but it’s the best way to work with the various algorithms.
  5. Not Everything can be Directly Traced: People are unpredictable, and therefore certain things just can’t be boiled down to a prescriptive process. Everything is dependent on a range of factors, which are often completely different from brand to brand.
  6. Things Change in a New York Minute: Social media marketers have to keep with updating algorithms, changing functionalities, and product offerings that have ceased to exist – to ensure the best in class practices along with phenomenal results.

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