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6 Tips for Getting Your Brand Started on YouTube

There have been many video platforms that have been on the rise, but youtube remains the undisputed king of online videos and a powerful social media marketing tool – it has been a game changer for many brands which are looking to create their presence online.

Still wondering how youtube can create more customers and promote your business? Here are some of the following tips :-

1. Establish a Presence on Youtube
Firstly you need to start with the basics, by setting up a brand profile on youtube. Creating a youtube profile is easy, as you require a google account, which you will already have if you are using Gmail. Using your google account, you can sign into youtube where you can create your brand account or channel, synchronizing with your personal profile.

2. Set up a Background image for Branding 
After the profile has been created, you can customize the background for the youtube channel. A background image is paramount as it will represent your business, so it needs to be professional. The image should be same across all social media platforms so that customers just don’t recognize your brand name, but the logo and presence as well.

3. Optimize your Channel 
The youtube channel requires a description about what the brand is all about. Using appropriate keywords will give your business a niche. You should provide the link as well so that customers are redirected to your webpage, where they can browse the products and services and can make convenient transactions as per their choice. The idea is to keep things simple and accessible for customer viz the less number of clicks, the more likely they are to visit.

4. Publish Videos
People want to understand what the brand is all about. All their answers are within the youtube channel. Customers get more attracted towards the visuals they see and what their brand is communicating about.

For example, if adidas is launching a new pair of shoes where Cristiano Ronaldo is endorsing it then customers would be elevated to know about the product. They will make a search on youtube about the brand, and within seconds they will gaze at the video.

5. Adding/Getting subscribers 
There is a plausible connection between content and subscribers. As a brand, more the content is unique, more number of subscribers will be connected to the youtube channel. Once someone has subscribed to the channel, they will receive a notification whenever a new video is posted.

6. Incorporate brand recognition 
Your brand is unique and that should be reflected in your videos. If your company is an high end automobile company, then your videos need to be elegant and high toned. Always remember to add the company’s logo in the video. At the end of video, you can give the viewers a call to action button by telling them to subscribe to their channel or visiting their website.

More than thousand videos are uploaded daily on youtube. It is the biggest player when it comes to online videos and is an add-on to your brand’s social media pool. Follow these simple steps to create the brand’s presence on youtube.