8 Tips To Promote Your Blog On Facebook

Posting all your blogs on Facebook and yet no traffic?

Just copy-pasting blog links on Facebook is not the way to do it. Blog promotion on Facebook is very technical and needs to be mapped well in advance.

After all, so many blogs get posted on Facebook every day! Why is your blog worth the reader’s time?

It is only when your blog content and style of posting it on Facebook stand out, that the reader might make the effort of clicking on your blog link.

Thus, to ensure an increased probability of your reader clicking on all your blog postings on Facebook, here is a list of tips and tricks that you can follow. Once your blog is live on your website, try following each of these tips and tricks. We are sure you will see a difference in the traffic you generate from your blogs thereafter.

  1. Delete The Text Link

Well, the moment you paste your blog link on Facebook, a clickable link of it appears right below. Thereafter, the text link of your blog has no role. Keeping the text link unnecessarily clutters the post-text of your blog. Thus, delete the text link and only keep the clickable part of your blog.

  1. Invest On Facebook Paid Campaigns

Nothing happens for free. Thus, after posting your blog on Facebook, you can promote it. To promote your blog on Facebook, there are 3 steps – a) Set a budget, b) Select the audience and c) Click on ‘Boost Post’.

Invest low initially and you can keep checking your blog performance using Facebook Ads Manager.

  1. Utilize Your Personal Network

In case you are sharing your blog on your Facebook page, make sure, you do share it on your personal account as well. For this, do use the ‘Share’ option from your Facebook Page to your personal Facebook account (than opting for copy-paste). This makes your blog reach a greater audience.

  1. Post-text Matters in Facebook

Do showcase your creativity in the post-text and keep it short for the readers. Write the post-text in a tone, that the readers can relate to.

The post-text can be a question to the reader, an extract from the blog or opinion about any ongoing trending news. However, the post-text must be related to the blog content.

  1. Tag And Comment

If your blog includes any particular individual, how about tagging them while posting the blog? In case your blog has some brands or business or celebrities mentioned, you can tag their business pages. If your blog has content that has no related Facebook account/page, you can always use hashtags to share a hint about your blog content.

Lastly, all that you cannot mention in the post-text of your blog on Facebook, you can put in the Comments section. Tailored comments do get a healthy response from readers.

  1. Images And Visuals For Your Blog Post (on Facebook)

A picture is worth a thousand words – so true!

How long your blog content might be, there is no substitute for good imageries. We highly recommend, to post your blog on Facebook with an HD image.

The image of your blog posting must be related to the content.

Several research studies have confirmed that infographics work best in this scenario than stock/edited images.

  1. Conduct Contests

There are so many kinds of contests that brands and business host to get traction on digital media. You can also put up a blog where you invite readers to take part and offer a prize at the end. Digital media contests that trend and can be part of your next blog are Sweepstakes, Photo Contest, Vote Contest, Referral Promotion and so on.

Contest blogs get improved traction and offer improved ROI.

  1. Regular Blog Wrap-Ups On Facebook

Visitors often get bored of too many blog updates from your page or account and thus, miss it. Exactly here, a wrap-up works well.

You can post blog wrap up at the end of a week, a month or bi-weekly based on the frequency of your blog posting.

For wrap-ups, we recommend making a collage of images of all the blogs you are targeting in that particular wrap-up. Post this collage on Facebook linking to your blog page. Let the readers click on their preferred blog content (as per their choice).

If yet upset with your blog traffic and facing challenges on any kind of digital marketing strategies, feel free to ask the Hansaa Digiventures Pvt Ltd in-house experts at info@hansaadigiventures.com. Our phone number is 1800 30022 121. Waiting to hear from you 🙂