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Augmented reality, personalised offers and so much new to happen in Google Maps

Using Google Maps is such an everyday task but many a times it leads a little wrong way. In case of very congested areas, the blue arrow at times misguides us a little. To prevent this and continue making Google Maps very user-friendly, augmented reality feature is a new addition to the app where you can get Street View mode. To avail this, you have to hold up your phone, wave it, use its camera and directional arrows will show your way over real view of your street and street names will be superimposed. While you and I would love to explore this brand new feature of Google Maps but the launch date has not been announced yet.

In Google’s conference of the year, held on 8 May at Mountain View, California Google Maps lead Jen Fitzpatrick told, “Now you can confidently pick the places that are best for you.” What does that mean?

Google Maps is becoming personalised for each individual user where it will help you to explore new events and trending places based on your interest and in your surrounding area. This will shorten your browsing time and make it easy to make plan whenever you want. For this, a redesigned Explore tab will be included in the app which can be used to get your places of interest around.

To simplify your group plans with friends and families, you have to long press your preferred spot in Google Maps and add it to a shareable shortlist where your friends and family can add more places to and vote on. You can also book at your preferred venue and travel till there using Google Maps.

“For You’’ – a new tab is getting added to Google Maps which will make personal recommendations of nearby restaurants and shops for you. Another feature “Match Score” will generate a personal score on how much it thinks you’ll like the recommendation based on your past uses and preferences. This is just to easy your process of deciding on an eatery or local shop. (Based on whether you like Biriyani or Dosa, Google Maps will show recommendations around you).

Both iOS and Android users will be using these new features of Google Maps, though the launch date is yet to be announced by Google.

In the same conference, Google also made announcement about the release of smart text selection, an advanced feature for Google Lens. This will allow Google Lens to recognize text of the real world and translate it to the user’s preferred language.