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Does First Rank in SEO Really Make a Difference?

Every SEO team spends their day in and day out to position the business or company at first on web search. Days and months, the SEO team experiments, tweaks, researches to rank their website on top.
One fine day, one of the well-experimented SEO strategies becomes robust, works and the company ranks first on web search. The entrepreneur of the startup calls for a celebration, appreciates the SEO team and what next?


Well, thanks to Google but no SEO team has any definite summit or peak to achieve.
As Google continues to tweak, crawl and change its algorithm plans – SEO will forever be an evolving space for every business. With Google’s dedicated effort to enhance its user experience, the job of every SEO team will continue becoming tough over time. The only silver lining is, Google catches up with every well-planned SEO strategy even if it has grey hat techniques.

For entrepreneurs for whom SEO is taking a toll on their midnight sleep, here are few exceptions where SEO doesn’t work and you must take a note of. Simply, business and SEO might not be in sync in the following cases –

What’s the demand curve for your business?
In the attempt to be business disruptors, entrepreneurs are indeed developing out of the box products and services. However, until people know and learn about the uniqueness you have created, there is no SEO strategy for you. For example – SEO hardly works for one-time events. Instead, first focus on content marketing and awareness campaigns to let the public know about your extraordinary offering.

Is SEO a one-night phenomenon?
After investing hefty on the SEO team and recruits, entrepreneurs complain when there is no result. Hold on, Entrepreneur! SEO works at the turtle’s pace and it takes time to see the rewards. Once it works and your business ranks on top of the search engine – that’s not the end. With Google’s algorithm changes, the rank of your business might alter and thus, your SEO team needs to brainstorm constantly.

Does SEO need investment?
Of course. Ensure you have plenty of money saved for investment and then only count on SEO. For SEO, entrepreneurs must ensure that they have ample resources and money for investment. Time in hand is also a mandate as SEO works really slow but reverts results for sure.


SEO truly works and genuinely returns to businesses and SEO teams who keep pace with its ramification. Though it’s certain that SEO trends have changed quite at a fast pace in the last decade, yet, its pillars have been constant. Advocates of SEO firmly believe that businesses and websites who stick to these pillars of SEO do succeed. Let’s take a look!

Code – SEO is like cooking. While website designers and content writers can make a website look good, it’s the SEO team who can take care of the technical aspect. The SEO team works on the website coding which hugely impacts its rank on the web search.

Content – Content only works when there is blend of information with keywords. In case, you design a website full of keywords – SEO will never be in your favour. Therefore, entrepreneurs must spend on qualified and experienced content writers and ensure, the content writers gel well with the SEO team.

Communication – Your website can talk about you, your team and your offerings. However, to communicate with your prospective and existing clients there is no better way than social media. Social media lets you grab the attention of your target audience and facilitates two-way communication. Thus, it’s only when SEO and social media work full-fledged, that your company can expect a noticeable ROI.


After an eagle eye top view of the SEO market, here is listing its current trend. Following this SEO trend and framing the strategies likewise will help your business boost its ranking faster and steadier.

AI is the phrase now:

The full form of AI is artificial intelligence. Instead of typing a few words, internet users today prefer voicing out their search query. For voice searches, Google shows direct answers to the query and suggests a list of searches based on the current search query made by the user.

To be the direct response of a Google query or to enter the suggestion list of Google search, SEO teams are now relying on Cluster Analysis & Predictive Analytics leveraging the power of customer reviews and utilizing AI-Powered Chatbots.