Facebook Algorithm Update: Top 3 Pros & Cons You Should Be Aware.

The term “Algorithm” may be Greek or Latin for a layman. But tech geeks are fully conversant with it. To simplify it, Algorithm means a finite set of clear start and end instructions which perform a prescribed sequence to achieve a certain goal.

You must be thinking what has Algorithm got to do with me? You are correct, it has nothing to do with you or your life, but yes, it has a lot to do with how your Facebook feed or news feed appears.

Facebook changes or updates its algorithms with a specific goal in sight. Facebook – the social media giant with an active user base of over 2.07 billion* worldwide. With such a humongous user base, the company is rightfully bound to change the way it operates the platform. Changes that meet their future goals without affecting its users.

How often does your Facebook timeline change its appearance? If you have observed it closely, you might have noticed updates or posts from your friends or business pages you like change on and off. A few months ago, Facebook offered the option to choose what would you like to see on your timeline. But naturally, you preferred to see updates from people you know in-person instead of online friends.

You must be wondering, how is timeline connected with an algorithm. They both are deeply connected. In the News Feed, you choose Top Stories or Most Recent, but changing the way how your timeline appears is totally under control of Facebook.

Confused? Allow us to explain.

We bring you 3 pros and cons of this update after Facebook overhauled the platform last week.

  • Pros:
    • You will be able to see updates and posts from your family and friends and groups, FIRST.
    • You will see less public content that includes videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.
    • You will spend less time on the platform searching for updates from your friend list.
  • Cons:
    • You won’t see updates on business pages which you love to do.
    • Visibility of pages that sell products or offer services or deliver articles will be scaled back.
    • Businesses will have to run paid campaigns to increase their reach.

With the recent update, Facebook has improvised the option to edit your News Feed. The News Feed tab on Facebook will allow you to prioritize the pages and friends whose posts you are most interested in. By clicking the gear just beside News Feed, you will be able to see ‘Edit Preferences’.

“Edit Preferences” will give you full control to customize the news feed the way you want.

For individuals, this is a welcome change but for businesses, the recent update will force them to plan new online marketing strategies.