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Five ways to Promote your Products on Facebook

Facebook has 1.71 billion users worldwide, and counting. Still the number one social networking site for users of all ages, nationalities, geographies, and demographics, the social networking site is a place where friends and family connect and share. The great news it that, apart from being a social hub,Facebook has now become a marketing hub as well. Irrespective of the size of your organization, Facebook is a must-use tool in your marketing mix.

Let us see the top 5 things you can do to promote your products on Facebook:

1. Create a Facebook business page 
As basic as it may sound, this should be your first step towards building your brand on Facebook. Sharing a post from a business page, instead of your personal account, gives your business a professional image and credibility. The page can be your digital brochure, and host your product listings, images with content tagged with the right keywords that will be liked by your followers and hence remain in their newsfeed for prospects see and like. You can also host videos about your company and product, images from events and a whole lot more. What’s more, it is free! So, if you are a start-up, this is cost-effective collateral to not only promote your product but also build your brand.

2. Target your prospective customers with Facebook Ads
Facebook ads, which appear on the right column of a user’s page, are a cost-effective and target-based way of broadening your reach and increasing likes to your Facebook business page and/or your external website. Known as Marketplace ads, this ad feature allows you to place an ad copy image with a few lines and a link to an external site or the Facebook business page. The feature has the capacity to place an ad in the pages of users based on their age, geography, interests, etc. leading to more likes and eventual traffic and prospects.

3. Host videos and ask your followers to share 
Use the Facebook business page to host “how to” videos about your product or topics related to the use of your products. For instance, if your product is a cosmetic one like a concealer you can host videos to showcase how best to use the concealer. Additionally, you can also host videos where experts teach the best way to put on makeup in general. You can then ask your followers to like and share. Once they do, it will show in their feed and friends of these followers will also be able to see these videos and further like and share.

4. Explore other marketing options with Facebook apart from Classic Ads
Apart from Facebook Ads, there are several, and growing number of product promotion options available in Facebook. You can use your business page to host contests to keep your existing follower-base engaged, as well as get new ones. You can host the contest in other forms of print and online media and ask respondents to participate in the Facebook hosted contest. Promoted Posts and Stories are two other features that help broaden your reach and build brand awareness. At a per click basis, Facebook promotes your posts to a target audience when they login to their page, instead of your posts being read only by chance.

One of the latest features is the Facebook Exchange wherein an ad is posted in a target user’s line of sight on the newsfeed instead of the side columns, thereby increasing chances of a click.

5. Engage with your followers and fans 
So, you’ve used all features to attract Facebook users and have thousands of followers. Great job! While you can give yourself a pat on the back, this is just the beginning of your job. For, you must engage followers else your money and effort is wasted. To stay fresh in their minds, and keep building your brand, you must show the human side of your business. As it is a more accessible platform, allow your followers to interact with the people behind a product – give them a platform to ask questions, clarify doubts, give suggestions and, most importantly, raise a concern. And, if there are concerns, act immediately. Firstly, respond to the complainant, secondly, provide a resolution and, lastly share this resolution with all followers to build trust in your brand and product.

These tips apart, there is so much more you can do to promote your products and business innovatively on Facebook. Hence, one last tip: If you feel overwhelmed to doing it all alone or find that your team lacks the expertise to explore all possibilities, hire a Social media Marketing agency. Their dedicated teams will have the expertise to help you stay on top of your Facebook promotion game.