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GIF Craze on Social Media

The GIF trend has been around for almost 2 decades, but in 2015 it made a strong comeback. These animated images gives carte blanche to brands and companies to market in a way that consociates with people through social media channels that emphasize the visual, the wordless and the contemporary. They also pose a huge opportunity for brands to be included in customer conversations. Undoubtedly, GIFs and Social media are BFFs.

From breaking news on the web to looping videos through photojournalism, GIFs haveoffered a completely novel way to communicate and express emotions.

GIFs have become a popular language tool online, that allows to communicate in a highly entertaining manner and has also allowed people to unveil their creativity while conveying an emotion or action in a situation.

Social media sites and a number of websites and blogs are now considering GIFs to cultivate the visitor experience and also embolden them to share their content and ideas. There are n number of sites offering GIFs to their visitors, giving them an impeccable understanding about GIFs, in order to drive more traffic and spawn interest.

Recently a messaging app called Peach, that capitalises on the popularity of GIFs has caught everyone’s attention by allowing its users to share messages with GIFs, drawings and much more.

The interesting feature offered by Peach allows users to search for GIF, add locations and weather, draw, by using certain ‘Magic Words’ that gives you quick access to fun things to share and is listed in the top 10 social networking sites. Apart from Peach, Twitter has recently released its built in GIF button for all its users that allows them to search its catalogue of GIFs by linking the keyboard to a library of GIFs.

The swift craze of GIFs has picked up on the hunger of people to create ways for users to recognize the exact emotion or reaction they are trying to communicate. Over the recent months, there has been an uplift in the amount of GIFs being shared over social media and it appears as if the Internet is deeply falling in love with them.