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Google To Launch Comments Feature On Search Results

Based on an official Google Help Document and report by Search Engine Journal (on November 17, 2018), it is hereby confirmed that Google will soon launch its Comments feature for users. This will allow users to comment on the Google search results.

Users can use the Comments feature of Google in the following ways (in Google app and Google browser):

  • Post comments
  • Edit or delete own comments
  • Read comments made by other Google Users
  • Rate the comments with Like or Dislike
  • Report a comment

In fact, Google users can comment while watching live shows as well.

Check your personal Google comments details here.

All Google comments are subjected to the Google policies stated here. Google Help Document clearly sums up, “Comments that don’t follow the policies might not be shown.”

“You can’t add an anonymous comment”, states the official Google Help Document. This implies that only users who are logged into their Google account can use the Google comments feature. Every comment you make will appear along the username, stated in your Google account.

As the Google Help Document says “Comments on Google Search don’t yet work in all languages and all regions”, but we are eagerly waiting to try it.

How to comment on Google Search Results?

When the Comments feature of Google will be live, users can use it with the following steps:

  1. Open or Google app
  2. Enter your search content
  3. In the overview box given, click on ‘More’
  4. You will get 3 options: Comments, Viewers and Add a Public Comment

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