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Google’s Broad Search Algorithm – August 2018 Release Update

After a continuous week of buzz about shifts in rankings and traffic in the SEO industry, on 1 August 2018, Google confirmed via Twitter that it released “broad core algorithm update”. Google rolls out several algorithm updates every year yet, most are not confirmed.

Take a look at the official Tweet by Google in this regard –

The March update and April update of 2018 were also “broad core algorithm updates” released by Google. Google further adds that its advice to webmasters about “broad core algorithm updates” remains unaltered.

To sum up, Google to enhance user-friendliness will continue to refine its algorithms over time. Google conveys to webmasters that they can do nothing to “fix” their pages and rank better in Google after it releases new algorithms. Google recommends improvising websites over time such that Google can recognize the alterations webmasters make and thus, change the website’s ranking.