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Google’s Small Search Ranking Algorithm – September 2018 Update

The major algorithm updates of Google are usually released on the official social media pages of Google SearchLiaison. However, the latest Google algorithm update has been confirmed by Danny Sullivan on his official Twitter page in the last week of September 2018. Sullivan tweeted –

“Our core algorithm is updated all the time. For major updates, we’ll continue to share about those on @searchliaison, as we have been. We haven’t had a major update of that nature, but we did have a smaller one this week.”

On a routine basis, Google continues its search ranking algorithm updates to offer the best search results to its users. Major Google algorithm updates usually impact the ranking of larger percentage of websites. When the updates are relatively minute in nature, the impact is lesser on sites.

The Small Search Ranking Algorithm that is reported to happen on September 27, 2018 was on a smaller scale, confirms Google. Google has not released any further details related to this update and thus, it is yet unknown which websites are impacted with the September 2018 Small Search Ranking Algorithm update of Google.

Major or minor – any kind of algorithm updates of Google hugely impact present website rankings. Thus, it’s time for website owners and SEO experts to roll their sleeves and continue their hard work to improve their respective website pages. After all, that’s the key to overcome algorithm updates of Google, rank good and stand ahead in today’s digital competition.

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