High Budget Facebook Ad Increases Sales – True Or False?

With data leaks and fake news scandal, 2018 was not a sweet year for Facebook.

As posted on 25th July 2018, the second quarter share earnings of Facebook went down upto24%. Probable reasons for such a steep fall might be –

  • Changes in News Feed (early 2018)
  • Additional feature of prioritizing posts from friends
  • The loss of third-party data
  • Targeting mechanisms for advertisers after Cambridge Analytica
  • Growth of Instagram ads (lower levels of monetization)

Media buyers are highly expecting Facebook to bounce back its numbers while releasing the Q4 report of this year.

The greener side of the story is, despite decreasing statistics, Facebook was ranked top among the S&P 500 company list that has more than 20% year-over-year revenue growth in the last eight quarters.

The decline in the Facebook Q2 2018 earnings report was the first slowest-ever growth reported by the social media giant.

Data Source: Statista

In its year-over-year pursuit, Facebook is always known to show rocket-speed momentum growth. This makes Facebook the most attractive platform in the internet marketing world.

In 2017, India became the largest audience country for Facebook and continued its position (as per October 2018 reports) with 294 million users.

Thus, as an Indian entrepreneur investing in Facebook ads is one of the best choices that marketing teams are aiming at. Facebook ads benefit your business with the following:

In 2014, food delivery app Eat24 wrote a public breakup blog to Facebook. Back then, the startup had clearly stated its issues with the marketing policy of Facebook in its blog (https://blog.eat24.com/breakup-letter-to-facebook-from-eat24/).

Digital marketers have often invested enormous on Facebook ads and only received ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ from bots, spammers and scammers of the web. There has been no ROI in such Facebook marketing failures and has only led to over expense of marketing budget of established organizations.

To avoid such a scenario and ensure that Facebook marketing strategy surely works and shows results, here are some observations to do in advance. On drafting your Facebook marketing plan based on these observations and considerations, the scope of positive ROI expands. Take a look!

Widen Target Audience

The wider your audience, the greater the scope of scaling ads. For those with a niche audience, the same Facebook ads need to be remarketed within the same bunch of target audience.

It is for this reason that B2C companies have more scope of returns through Facebook advertisement over B2Bs.

Extend Time Range

Facebook ads work slow yet steady. With every budget change you make, the algorithm resets and this takes time to impact your sales. Sufficient timeline is a healthy factor for every Facebook ad to grow. Continuing to increase Facebook marketing investment leaving no time for the ad to scale might not yield fancy results for your business.

Understand Client Expectations

Hiring an experienced agency, it is easy to frame a brilliant ad campaign. Though that still works for traditional marketing, for Facebook, your ads must be exactly how your consumers want it to be. With your agency or digital team, spend time and create ads that your consumers want to see. Until Facebook ads are relevant to your consumers, they cannot generate leads or sales.

Deliver Optimum Content

In the method of experimenting with Facebook ads, marketers many times mess up. Your Facebook ad must have a balance of content. In case you over burden your audience with too much content or offer too less – your Facebook marketing initiative can be at a toll. Try sitting in your client’s head and delivering content that they intend to see.

Create Ad Creatives & CTA with Creativity

One common factor between social media ads of today’s time and traditional advertisement is – creativity is a must. It’s only when your ad creative and CTA is out of the box, that you can expect some attention from your audience. Spamming or boring your prospective clients repeatedly with the same ad creatives or CTA might not be a favourable call for your Facebook ad campaign.

Finally, marry a lot of time in hand with your ad resources and strategically promote them on Facebook for good results. Keep in mind, “Content is fire, social media is gasoline,” as told by Jay Baer.