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How Does Social Media Impact Your SEO Efforts?

Social Media Marketing and its connection to SEO is complicated. While social media marketingand search engine optimization are often thrown in the same basket, the relationship between the two is not exactly direct. Over the years, Google’s search algorithms have evolved in incredibly complex ways taking in more signals to ensure that the sites that rank highest in search are the most relevant to every query.

Here’s a clarification of how the two processes are linked, and why each requires its own specific focus

Ranking Results
The two strongest of the hundreds of factors that determine the best match for each user query, are backlinks and page content. Today, Google’s ranking algorithms are significantly more complex than earlier ones, when you could get away by adding your target keyword to your website as many times as you could. In the case of backlinks the idea is that if there are a heap of sites, especially reputable ones, referring to a website, and those sites have some relation to the search term also, that increases the likelihood that it’s a good match for what you’re after.

Social Signals 
Google can’t actually access all of the data on social platforms. It does not use signals like how many Likes you have on Facebook or how many followers you have on Twitter as direct search ranking factors for your website. There are also questionable elements of social signals which may skew the results like fake accounts on social can inflate metrics like followers and retweets, which clouds the relevance of social signals, and would open the door to SEO scammers, if it were applicable.Social platforms enable you to share your content to a wider audience, which, in turn, helps generate more exposure for your pages, which can then impact your search rank by increasing the activity and backlinks to your pages. So in itself, sharing content and generating engagement on social won’t help your content rank in Google, but more traffic and backlinks definitely will, which social can facilitate.

As you can see, while the connection between social and search is not direct, the two processes are aligned, and being active on social will most definitely help your Search Engine Optimization efforts though not necessarily in the way you might expect. Social media can definitely help you facilitate the process, but each element requires individual, specific focus and consideration.