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How Social Media has Changed the Game for Customer Service

Nowadays Social Media has completely changed the face of customer services and how the consumers interact with a brand. Customers prefer to post their issue on social media platforms instead of going through the laborious process via call centres. It is like the democratisation of customer service. Previously companies could at least contain, if not hide, their customer complaints but not now as everything is out in the open, giving more power to consumers.

The following enlists how social media has changed the game:

1. Plenty of Options
If you are not prompt and proactive in responding to your customer’s frustrations, they ought to search for a viable alternative for your company with the help of social media platforms.

2. Make or Break Reputations Easily
Customers can easily damage your reputation by post a complaint or a negative feedback. And it will be visible to all your current and potential customers the moment they open your social media marketingprofile. Hence, reputation management becomes very critical in these times.

3. Multiple Customers can be Dealt with
Instead of tackling customers on the phone, social media platforms allow companies to directly engage with multiple customers via public forums and from their digital marketing accounts making the process simpler and faster.

4. Social Media Influencers
Connecting with social media influencers helps increase awareness about your brand, create brand advocates and increase online reputation. These influencers can help you in several ways like writing a good product or service review or share news regarding your company on social media.

5. Announce Policy change Instantly
Earlier, when announcing policy changes, sales, promotion offers, companies had to print advertises in all popular media and that too quite some time before they were actually going to take place. But now, they can simply announce their policy changes on social media platforms instantly or advertise via social media at cheaper rates.

Social Media has definitely forced companies to improve their customer service and customer experience which is great for consumers. Everything becoming public has also helped them take better decisions after going through various brands’ public profiles. In a nutshell, the average consumer has been empowered.