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How To Get Content Marketing Right in e-Commerce

In 2010, Volkswagen published an ad with punchline “Marriage does come with rewards.”
In 2016, Pan Bahar, a mouth freshener brand used Pierce Brosnan as their brand ambassador.
In 2017, Yahoo Finance tweeted : “Trump wants a much nigger navy…”

The above three are the most popular content marketing blunders that made headlines in recent times. For the first one, the audience related it to the dowry system of the country, the second one had an international actor promoting Indian mouth freshener which actually has negative impact on the human body and the last one had a spelling mistake where ‘nigger’ should have been bigger.

In the gigantic market, while brands are contesting to fetch minimal highlight with their content, wrong content always become talk of the town. Apology notes, improved campaigns and even shelling bulk on marketing initiative cannot revert your fortune in case your brand loses out on content marketing.

Content marketing is specially critical for the e-commerce sector because the industry still continues to be quite a niche. While millenials have accepted it wholeheartedly, e-commerce is still lagging back when compared to conventional shops and markets. Thus, e-commerce entrepreneurs just do not have the scope of a single blunder especially in content marketing. To ensure their content marketing initiatives are truly exceptional and out of the box, here are few tips that e-commerce brands can give a hands on-

  1. Interactive content: Interactivity makes in-store experience far more effective than online shopping. Thus, it is essential for e-commerce retailers, to invest and ensure interactive content marketing. For example, the cosmetics brand Sephora with its Sephora Virtual Artist app lets customers virtually “apply” the makeup to get an idea of its after effects. Isn’t that a fabulous content marketing idea? After Sephora, many beauty brands are investing in this app experience for online shopping.
  2. Lifestyle storytelling: One important strategy to target customers of e-commerce brands is to connect them with the stories associated with the brand and hint on the lifestyle it may offer. For instance, the outdoor lifestyle brand YETI produces documentary-like videos of real life people who live an outdoor lifestyle and bank on the emotional appeal of its brand. Their YouTube videos get millions of views, with high like-to-dislike ratios.
  3. Stance-taking: Marketing cannot always be being on the safe side and its okay to take risks. For example, one time Patagonia pledged to donate for Black Friday sales. This meant $10 million for the environmental groups. This act of benevolence created a lot of loyal customers and added to the over 3 million followers to its Instagram account. In case marketing team thinks a trending cause to be appropriate for your brand to support, then how about taking a stance?
  4. Email content: In offline shopping, brands put up hoardings or send pamphlets with daily newspaper to promote their brand and offers. How do e-commerce brands do it? Well, e-commerce entrepreneurs can plan with their marketing heads and shoot timely emails. Emails can contain all details about the current offers of your brand and can be designed wonderfully to gain attention of your end user. One of the best email marketer till date has been Apple.
  5. Balance your copy and content: Let writers and designers still continue their debate on the reception rate of visual versus text-based content. In real, both visual and content has to be beautifully balanced in each of the marketing initiative you make. Visuals like images or graphics along with text plays a pivotal role in your content marketing. Entrepreneurs, as well as e-commerce marketers, need play fair in balancing both and thus gain traction for their respective brand.

Retail is far more about experience and identity than it is about practical advice. In general, e-commerce brands heavily rely on style and lifestyle appeal. Investing in that doesn’t mean ditching your more practical, user-focused content, but it does mean investing more in storytelling and creating memorable experiences.

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