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How To Optimize Website For The Voice Search Revolution?

Google reports, since 2013 voice search has developed 95%. Google further expects 50% searches to happen with voice technology in the coming two years.

The advent of this voice search revolution dates back to 2011, when Siri made her debut with Apple. Other voice-activated technologies that are contending tough today are Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

Voice search statistics especially escalated when smart speakers added to cell phone based voice search. Popular smart speakers in today’s time include Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod.

This web-based verbal revolution cannot be mistaken as a digital mere trend. It genuinely yields the following benefits to users

  1. Facilitates multitasking
  2. Instant information access
  3. Ease of use

To keep pace with this seismic transformation in voice searches, website owners specially of businesses are optimizing their respective websites. SEO optimization of business websites leads to improved ranking, greater reach and better click-through rates.

In this blog, SEO experts of Hansaa Digiventures Pvt Ltd suggest simple website optimization methods that will help entrepreneurs improve their online presence –

Keyword Optimization

Users usually question their smart speakers or phones and phrase is it in a long way. This is because voice search is very conversational in nature.

Thus, entrepreneurs must try optimizing their websites with long tail keywords relevant to their industry.

FAQ Pages

In case your website already has an FAQ page, try updating it with long tail keywords of your industry. If your website does not have an FAQ page, SEO experts suggest adding one as FAQ pages help to be in par with voice search. The option to add long tail keywords is very high in this kind of web pages for any industry.

Nature of content

Voice search is very different from typing. A simple example would be, when one types on Google about store timing it can possibly be – Store Timing of XYZ shop. In voice search, the same becomes – What is the store timing for XYZ store? SEO experts confirm that with voice search queries tend to be question- based. Thus, entrepreneurs aiming to optimize their website must include question-based keywords in their website content.

Featured Snippet

The responses of voice search come from Google’s Answer Box. This is featured in search result page right at the top position. This is called zero position or featured snippet. It is important for entrepreneurs to update their website content such that they appear in the Answer Box. For this, SEO experts suggest distributing website content into short and crisp paragraphs that Google Answer Box can easily pick.


A hefty portion of voice search still comes from mobile phones. For mobile-friendly websites, ensure your web pages crawl good with good reviews composed of local content and the site has a mobile-friendly design.

Be Responsive

Optimizing websites is a tough and long job. Yet it is not a one time process. As Google, Amazon and Microsoft continue developing new features, entrepreneurs must be aware about the changes and thereby, keep making alterations in their existing website. The best method to do website optimization every time is to start with a thorough website audit.

Listing in Google My Business

Voice search is highly local content based. Thus, you can take a wise step towards it by listing your business in Google My Business. Further, updating content with local information boosts your position for voice based searches.

To remain updated with latest updates of the Voice Search trend, feel free to seek guidance from our experienced SEO experts.