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Page Rank Toolbar Is Officially Dead Now: Google

Pagerank already off the toolbar? Well, Yes. Google recently confirmed that it will be eliminating its toolbar pagerank from the browser.

How did Google pagerank help the audience?
Installing the google pagerank toolbar ensured the visiting public that they were visiting websites that were reliable and to determine a page’s importance in terms of their content, design layouts, were link building and organic. Anyone who visited a webpage would come to know the ranking of the website with the help of the google pagerank toolbar. The toolbar ranks between 0 -10.

In 1999, when google launched Chrome, it did not update it with the pagerank feature and since then it showed a slow death. Then in 2011, firefox also followed the footsteps and dropped the update. Since then there were rumours all around about google taking the pagerank toolbar off the websites, and finally on 7th March 2016, google confirmed and broke the news by killing the pagerank toolbar.
However, Google will continue using the pagerank toolbar internally and is an important factor in their algorithm.

How is Pagerank going to affect visitors?
Now, as the Pagerank has been pulled down, the absence of the scores may force the visitors to seek alternatives that include estimates from third parties to know how relevant and authoritative the page is. However, all of this is just an assumption for now. What is not, is that only google knows the actual pagerank of a website.

Thanks to the PageRank scores going away, everyone around can enjoy a peaceful web experience, where there is no longer dropping links in comments and flowing emails to buy links.

For a couple of weeks the third party is going to offer ranking for your web page, however you do not need to fixate on these ranking. With the page ranking dieing, the real impact is to drop Pagerank from the toolbar so that the third parties can no longer find ways to pull those scores automatically.