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How Do People Perceive Your Brand Online?

Brand identity – may it be offline or online;  is something every business owner is concerned about.

A decade ago brand identity was primarily based on marketing and promotional activities, customer service, and product quality. Marketing and promotion included advertisement in newspapers, billboards, magazines, product fairs, etc.

In those days, brands were perceived bad or good solely on the truthfulness on products and customer service more than advertisements. Although, advertisement did and does play an important role in influencing the consumer; however, word of mouth publicity wins the game for brands.

Word of mouth publicity isn’t dead yet, in India majority of people still seek advice on what and which product to buy from friends or relatives. While there are people who love to do their own research about the brand, its products or services, and then decide which company or brand to choose.

Enter the age of online marketing; prospects of expanding business for brands – widened.

In the last one decade or so, brands – big and small have achieved great success in reaching out directly to their consumers  – either through website marketing, Facebook ads, or other online promotions.

Now the question is – “Has online marketing affected awareness about your brand?”

A simple one line answer is –“It has changed to a larger extent.”

Initially, online marketing was easy, but it is changed drastically. Building a brand identity; online – requires a thoroughly thought out marketing plan. The ultimate goal of your online marketing program is to build brand awareness, bring in more customers, and attract new prospects.

Offline marketing is perceived differently across masses. For example – too many ads in the newspapers create a negative image about the brand or lot of sale/promotions raises doubt about product quality or the brand’s reputation. Similarly, brands that use online marketing platforms are adjudged.

Your brand’s value is determined by the type of language you use, interactions with the existing customers and potential prospects, handling negative reviews, ease of communication, problem solving, giving the right information in a crisp and direct speech, and many other aspects, which help the people feel confident about the brand.

Points of influence mentioned above are simple and easy to achieve. Following them can change your brand’s perception for better and increase your business revenue.