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PPC + SEO = Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization are completely different strategies. And while they are enormous ways, it can be considered that PPC and SEO are the two sides of the same coin. They are different ways in SEO and PPC efforts complement each other, which lead to a successful search strategy. There are many ways in which SEO and PPC can be used together to achieve the objectives:

The combination of these benefits will add exposure to the Search Engine Results Pages. When clients see their ranks on the search engines on the top, they tend to reduce the efforts on PPC. However, it is important to know that the top two or three results on most SERPs are PC ads. Focusing on increasing the organic and paid search results will greatly increase the traffic, and give the impression that you are established presence in the market.

Share Keyword Data
Concurrently running organic and PPC campaigns gives you the double data to analyze. It is important to identify which organic and PPC keywords have favourable conversion rate it can use that information to prioritize the strategy.

Use Best Performing PPC ad Copy To inform Organic Content Strategy
What normally works for PPC often works SEO. By determining which PPC ads result in the most conversions, you will easily able to create better title tags, meta descriptions and page content that you want to rank organically. The benefit of using ads to test page attributes is the contiguity of the results. Quickly will come to know what is working and not working, while organically testing titles and metas can take time.

Integrate E commerce Feeds in into Adword results 
There is great working from the side of google when it comes to ecommerce. One can link Specific product pages to PPC ads. The ad will feature the product, often with reviews, and will take the user to the directly the product page , where a purchase can be made. This will become a great way to give your existing ecommerce efforts a boost.

Use Site Search Data to Inform PPC keywords 
The main objective of the PPC advertising is to figure out which keywords your customers use to find your product or service. Enabling site search on your website will give insights into the customer’s needs and search habits.

Social Media VIsibility 
The social media is the next big thing, and part of that change has been the emergence of the opportunities. Various sites like facebook, linkedin, youtube can serve ads to the targeted group of audience. There are various facebook profiles which are available. Suppose you want to target a group of sports car lovers then you will redefine the SEO strategy as per the campaigns carried out.