SEO Marketing Trends In 2019 To Help Entrepreneurs Thrive

It has become almost mandatory to stay up to date with today’s SEO marketing trends as search engine algorithms can change anytime. Not only is new technology changing the way humans search, but the search engines crawlers are using different criteria to rank your website.

Taking note of the following SEO marketing trends will help any business stay competitive in 2019:

  1. Consider search engines other than Google: Inarguably, Google is the king of search, but that doesn’t mean you can overlook Apple and Amazon’s search engines. Amazon is the most valuable public company on the planet. This means that if you have a product to sell, you should conduct an Amazon keyword research.
  1. Quality content is worth more than quantity: Though backlinks remain important, Google is getting more sophisticated when it comes to determining how good your website content is. Needless to say, the amount of content you produce is still crucial. However, in 2019, one of the most important SEO marketing trends is prioritizing quality more than ever before.

    Specifically, this trend indicates that you should stop misleading search engines or the consumer and write long-form content instead. Marketers should pay special attention to on-page SEO in 2019.

  1. Website speed affects UX and rankings: Speed is more important than ever thanks to Google’s mobile-first index policy. Since years website speed has always been an important criteria to judge user experience. Nowadays, it’s essential for Google crawlers too. Preferably, a website should load within a second, which can be difficult to achieve without the assistance of a qualified SEO firm.  Furthermore, we know it for a fact that the faster your website is, the higher Google will rank it.
  1. Voice search is no longer a novelty: Voice search, today, already represents 20% of total mobile search with the rise of technology like Siri, Google Home and Alexa. It’s predicted to reach 50% by 2020.

    Integrating voice-search optimized keywords is one of the top SEO marketing trends of 2019. Voice search keywords are often shorter, more colloquial, and in the form of commands or questions.

  1. Don’t dismiss linkless mentions: A mention is termed as linkless when your brand is referenced without a link being attached.

Although backlinks are still an essential aspect taken into account by search engines to determine content quality, linkless mentions are given more importance than ever before. This is partially due to the viewpoint that linkless mentions are more genuine, unlike paid links. Mentions on social media are also playing an increasingly crucial role in evaluating the quality of a website. In one of its patents filed, Google even classifies “implied links” as a subset of a type of links.

Virtually every business in the world is competing for Google rankings. A website’s never-changing objective should always be to appeal to its audience. The more creative and original your content is, the higher Google will rank it.

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