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Single Page Websites: Are They Good or Bad for SEO?

Single page websites (SPWs) are basically long scrolling websites where all the content is stored on a single page. The navigation links at the top work as anchor links, jumping you down to the relevant section rather than taking you to a new page. These SPWs are extremely popular right now. More and more companies are choosing them over elaborate multi page sites to meet the needs of their business because they provide a better mobile experience and they make it easy to target a specific audience. Although SPWs can provide a higher page authority, they are not as good for SEO as multi page websites. The reasons are as follows:-

1. Only One Keyword Phrase: You can only successfully optimize any given website page for one specific keyword phrase. So having a single page website means that you can target only a single keyword phrase which is a bit ridiculous.

2. Only One Set of Metadata: You only get one set of metadata on a single page website. Which means, you’ve got only one vital title tag and only one salesy meta description to hook your clients and lure them to your site.

3. Page Weight: The more the content you fit into your one page site (images, videos, text), the greater the likelihood of a super chubby page. Google hates heavy pages as they take too much time to load. And most of your customers do not have patience of more than a few seconds to wait for the site to load.

4. No Internal Links: With no internal pages (apart from your privacy policy), you have no opportunity for internal links, which could be a rich source of SEO if done properly.

5. Few External Links: You would not want to cram a lot of external links into your SPWs because they might take the focus away from your business. But Google hates silo sites, so again a lack of external links is bad for SEO.