Social Media

Are Your Social Media Followers Adding to Your Revenue?

Believe it or not, nothing works if ‘revenue’ is not the end result. While human relations cannot be measured by income or revenue, but the success or viability of a business managed by humans is totally based on the income it generates.

Here we are not referring to turnover, but the returns earned by a business. A high turnover does not mean the business is earning well, it may be losing instead.

Losses due to various factors such as old or defective products, nothing new to offer, losing customers, customer complaints etc affect the balance sheet of the business.

With the advent of online marketing, social media especially, it has become easier for companies or brands to gain fans, followers, and consumers from any part of the globe.

Today, even the smallest business exists on social media.

The expanse of enterprises using social media marketing is endless, from merchants to traders, restaurants to hotels, are investing in social media to enhance brand image, serve existing customers, and convert prospects into new customers.

To dig deeper, let’s take an example of your business. Are the fans or followers of your social media channel really your customers? Your answer can either be YES or an uncertain NO. It is difficult, however, but below-mentioned tips can help you increase brand awareness, fans, followers, and business revenue.

  • Right tools– Choose the right online tools that will work best for your business i.e. website and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Add value – A website without SEO is simply a web page. Add value to your website by employing search engine optimisation.
  • Right audience-Ensure you choose the right audience to promote your business online.
  • Content – No one will like irrelevant or repetitive or copied content. Publish original, relevant, and quality content.
  • Consistent – Plan out a good strategy and stick to it while maintaining consistency.
  • Be responsible – Always respond to queries, comments, and complaints on time.
  • Mailers – Send mailers to existing customers and encourage them to visit your social media pages.
  • Contests – Run giveaways or contents. This activity will open doors to engaging conversations and bring in new followers and prospects.
  • Cross-promote – Never shy away from promoting your other social media account to fans and followers.
  • Call-to-action – The absence of proper call-to-action makes it difficult for people to arrive at the right decision – to buy or to postpone. So, make the best use of CTA.

Digital Marketing is growing at incredible speed and it is up to you to catch-up with it and assure your business growth and improved revenue. All you need to do is consistently promote your products, engage with your prospects, and upload engaging content daily which will give you a significant amount of conversions.