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The Four Key Pillars For Successful Future of SEO

There has been a drastic change in the way SEO is being used by firms these days. Gone are the days when it was all about building backlinks, creating content and on page optimization. There has been a drastic change in the strategy of Search Engine Optimization, that will go beyond the conventional methods that are being used.

The present day practices focuses on building brand and influencing search queries against the stuffing of keywords around the content. While building backlinks, creating content and on page optimization are the elementary unit for SEO, the complexity is much more which focuses on these four pillars.

Rank Brain
Rank Brain is a machine learning artificial intelligence that helps to process search results and is a part of the google’s overall algorithm. It is one of the few updates that had caught the attention of people who are dealing with SEO. it does not affect the backlink profile, content quality or click through rate.

Accelerated Mobile Pages
The accelerated mobile pages which is backed by google, results in delivering content without opening the website’s link when making a search. Pages that have a valid AMP version will be listed above the website links as per the search made. Today there are 150 million indexed versions of AMP as per google. With more people involved in Web development and SEO will come to know about the impact of AMP.

Knowledge Graph and Rich Answers
The knowledge graph is all about providing information in the best possible manner. Suppose you want to search about Roger Federer then google will display results on the page by providing information, images and important facts. To take the advantage in Search Engine it is essential to use titles such how to, how do i or which is that will result in rich content.

Real Time, Integrated Penalty Filters
The recent update of Penguin was all about real time which means integrating with google’s search algorithm whenever a page is refreshed. The crawlers and indexes are changed every time as well. This will be a benefit to website owners who want to clear spammy links and poor content which will in turn generate better results.

At this moment SEO is closely related with content marketing and that is because it has to continuously redefine the searches as per the user to give contextual results on the web. This is why Rank Brain, AMP, Knowledge graph are linked to serve the purpose, while penalty filters are used to improve the quality results.