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The Secret to Attracting More Clients on LinkedIn

With nearly 500 million members in around 200 countries, LinkedIn is a social media platform which allows users to build a powerful professional network. It encourages its users to connect, engage and build relationships in a professional setting. It vastly increases the effectiveness of your sales efforts and shortens the length of your sales cycle.

The steps to generating new leads and attracting more clients are as follows:

1. Professional Profile
You must make sure you have a complete profile for digital marketing on LinkedIn which is professional, search optimized and client focused.

2. Maximise Your Links
Make the best possible use of the three links available on your LinkedIn page by choosing ones that will best serve your clients.Linking enables you to direct people to wherever you would like them to go; giving you the opportunity to send them to your company’s page and maybe even to your mailing list.

3. Invite New Connections
Make first contact with a potential prospect by sending a connection request. You must ensure that you send a personalised connection request message that explains how you know them and why do you want to connect with them.

4. Consistent Brand across all Platforms
Have a social media marketing strategy that covers all the platforms because a company’s message can become inconsistent if all your employees use their own style to describe your organization.

5. Take Advantage of Status Updates
Status updates are the most powerful functions of LinkedIn. They allow you to post updates to your network so that everyone in your network is able to see what you’ve posted.

Lastly, the success that you might achieve on LinkedIn will solely depend on the efforts you put in following the process laid out. With regular addition of targeted connections to your network and building your reputation as an expert in your industry, you will gradually begin attracting a good number of ideal clients.