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Ways in which Instagram can Help You Build Qualified Leads

Instagram has become one of the most influential marketing tools on the internet because of its popularity. Currently instagram has more than 600 million active users each month. An average of 40 billion photos and short videos are generated on the app over a single day. The application’s popularity has skyrocketed in under 5 years mainly because people from nearly every demographic are actively spending time on it.

Instagram offers benefits which other social media platforms are unable to offer – namely a higher engagement rate which is at least 50% more than facebook and twitter and the opportunity for visual creativity. But for a business to build leads, apart from great looking images and videos, it needs a sound content strategy and a clearly demarcated brand identity.

Simple techniques that can be used for generating qualified leads are as follows:

1. Objective Definition
A clear strategy as to why and how the process is to be carried out needs to defined prior to posting. The target audience and when they will be active also needs to be researched about before starting the marketing campaign.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness
can be carried out by running exclusive visually creative brand campaigns as well as the same campaigns running concurrently on various platforms.

3. Boosting Customer Loyalty
by showcasing images and videos of behind the scenes details of your operation and by providing insider access to upcoming products and services.

4. Giving out Creative Incentives
can be done when you have promotions, sales, special offers, contests and other incentive programs.

5. Showcasing Influencers
involves an image or endorsement of a celebrity or an influential user of your products or services which will help in attracting new leads.

Pro-active use of the popularity of instagram is being carried out by businesses to more effectively engage with their target audience and generate qualified leads and increase conversion ratios.