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What is Social Media Listening & why your business needs it?

Every entrepreneur loves hearing appreciation about their business. Some even welcome negative comments. Based on the feedback from clients, entrepreneurs make healthy changes in their operations. In the digital era, when entrepreneurs make effort to know who is talking about their business or brand on the social web, then it is called Social Media Listening.

Social Media Listening

Social media listening is a customer intelligence tool where technology plays a pivotal role. People are talking so much on the web; social media listening lets you monitor and find out what is being said specifically about your brand on the social networks. It is a strategic approach that brands and businesses are taking up to carefully monitor customer feedback. In this process, conversations, keywords, phrases, brand names and industries are tracked on the social web to discover and engage with clients, frame new content and business strategies that ensure a profit.

Who can use Social Media Listening?

Entrepreneurs of any industry can integrate social media listening as a powerful marketing sales tool.

  • Startups
  • Corporates
  • Governments
  • Retailers
  • B2B business
  • B2C business

Why implement Social Media Listening for business?

Based on the inputs of your social media listening, you can implement or alter the following strategies of your business:

How to do Social Media Listening?

Once you make up your mind to use social media listening, here is how you can do it –

a) Check buzzwords of your business

Buzzwords of your business can be your brand name, slogan, keywords, industry or even the name of your brand ambassador. When checking your social media listening, you have to consider buzzwords of your competitors as well to get a detailed analysis.

b) Check your notifications

All social networks provide notifications. You have to keep an eye on all of them. However, checking social media notifications can be simplified if you use one central e-mail inbox to get all your social media notifications.

c) Track your blogs

Social media does imply third-party websites only. Do check your own blogs. Some customers leave their feedback at the bottom of the blogs. You can respond and deal with the customer right there. Or, get in touch with the customer personally.

d) Do stick to your strategy

Your social media presence might not go the way you want to, but you should not lose hope. Stick to your social media promotion style. If you constantly change your strategies for promotion, your client can lose interest in the company or the brand. In case you do any major change, like a change of brand name, make sure you notify especially your regular customers.

e) Use social media monitoring tools

You cannot listen to your social media channel without monitoring tools. There are sample monitoring tools in the market. Initially, you can start with the free ones. Once your business goes really good in social media, you can invest on the monitoring tools.

Who can do social media listening in office?

The above list makes it clear that social media listening and marketing plans is a time-taking task. The question is who will do it? The entrepreneur, the social media expert or the marketing department?

Please note, social media listening or promotion is not a single person’s job. From the entrepreneur, social media expert, marketing executive to content writer, human resource manager – everyone can help to boost the digital marketing services of a business.

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