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What Makes People Follow or Unfollow a Brand?

The most important thing for a brand is to connect with its target audience. What do they worry about? Where do they hang out ? Which brand attracts them ?

When they are in search of these questions, businesses have found that social media marketing is a powerful medium which will engage customers on various platforms, increases traffic, generate leads and develop loyal fans. Social networks are a popular place for people to hang out on and now brands are taking the advantage of it by connecting with its users.

To maximize on the current trends, businesses tend to focus on getting new followers but that shouldn’t be the only motive and the primary concern should be towards customer retention.

So why do people unfollow brands from social media? It comes down to these 2 points:

Too much self promotion and uninterested content 
No brand can survive without self promotion. What’s the point of a brand if it can’t promote its latest achievement on social media. However, too much of anything is bad for your body and that goes for brands as well. This is one of these reasons which make people unfollow a brand.

Improper use of hashtags 
The hashtag trend started from twitter. But now you can find these hashtags being used on facebook, google plus, instagram. So how businesses use hashtags will determine customer retention. Users on social media unfollow a brand because there is improper use of hashtags. The basic mistakes that brands make is using of too many hashtags in a status update or tweet to using a hashtag that does not make any sense.

To sum it up, social media helps in brand promotion, marketing and sales. So brands need to make the most of these platforms by posting relevant content so that brand awareness is created and positive awareness is spreaded.