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What’s the best way to use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

hashtag is just a keyword or a phrase written together without spaces in between with a pound (#) sign in front of it. It can be placed anywhere in a post be it the beginning or in the later parts. It originated a decade back in 2007 and they are very much in use even today. If used to one’s advantage they are a great way for people in general and social media marketing companies to make their posts more visible and bolster their engagement.

How does a Hashtag work?
Similar posts by everyone are linked together by hashtags into a single stream called a channel and when you search for a particular hashtag you can find all the public conversations where the hashtag has been used.

Each social media platform has their own rules on how the use of hashtags could lead to an increase in engagement.

Only 140 characters are allowed in Twitter, so a maximum of 10 hashtags can be accommodated. Hashtags limited to one or two have the best engagement. According to a statistic, 40% of tweets with a hashtag are retweeted while more than two hashtags drops engagement by 17%.

In Facebook most of the accounts and posts are private hence hashtags are not very popular.Even when people are using hashtags, they aren’t searchable. When one posts publicly in facebook with a hashtag, only then they can enter the channel stream and become visible to everyone in searches.

Instagram’s interface is simpler as compared to facebook and twitter. As many as 30 hashtags can be fit into a single post on insta. Posts with 11+ hashtags get the most engagement, 26 being the maximum engagement generator.

These were some of the tips in enhancing engagement of an individual’s post or a brand’s visibility. But content is always the king, a well written post will be retweeted and shared more on any given day.