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Why do you Need to Stop Worrying About Likes on Your Social Media

Likes are the way we measure wold’s most popular post, they are probably the easiest way social media managers know the engagement of their customers with their posts. The era of likes is finally coming to end but let’s talk about why will this bold move be appreciated.

People use likes to calculate their popularity based on likes the use to get, especially the influencers who manage to look popular on the social media platforms and are known by how many people follow them and how many likes do they get per post.

Experts say that people use likes for different reasons, a like may mean different for everyone for some it may mean “yes I agree to you “, for some it may only mean “thanks bye” and for some, it may mean something different therefore it is very difficult to know what people mean when they like your post. Likes have always meant different for different people and most of the people take it normally but some studies show that likes have created a negative impact on people who are desperate to get likes on their posts and it has resulted in mental illness for them. When people don’t get several likes on their posts they get sad and anxiety, depression, loneliness, and low self-confidence was reported, among people.

We also have metrics that can measure how interesting and engaging your video was for people. We can measure at what time people lost their interest in the video, and if people did stay till the end. These new measuring metrics are more beneficial because likes only told us that people liked the video but these new methods tell us every small detail when the person is watching the video.

The good thing for marketers is that likes are fading from your timeline not form the analytics. The new measuring metrics methods will be very useful for the managers as it will tell them much more about their posts. Attention is an important currency when it comes to social media and the new dashboard report will have few new things like

  • Completion rate of stories
  • Video watch time and audience retention
  • Engagement rate
  • Referral traffic and attribution

In many countries such as Japan, Italy, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand Instagram has already launched the version without likes for testing. Instagram says that they are taking this bold move because they want people to focus on what other people post and not on how many people like the post.

In the end when you are just measuring just likes, what is the end result of so many likes? There is so much more to your content, and it stays mystery when you just focus on the likes on your posts. What is more important for your company to know is the attention span and what made them stay for long, and now with new measuring metrics, we can say that era of attention has taken over the era of likes.

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