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Why SEO is important for your business?

In one of its simplest definitions, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a good, solid marketing tool. Especially, helpful for small and mid-sized businesses as they are building their brand and markets, SEO is very impactful even for large businesses. Building a brand, increased traffic, building credibility for your company and an insight into your potential customer’s behavior are among few of the topmost reasons why SEO is important for your business.

A crucial part of your marketing mix, SEO is a tool that tactically and strategically maximizes the placement of your website in the search engine results. The better your SEO strategy – which is basically a mix of the page’s HTML structure, the architecture of the website, keywords usage in the content of the page, tagging and metadata on links and the entire domain’s content – the better your chances are to appear in the top 10 results. This, in turn, leads to increased traffic to your website.

And studies show that the topmost results receives 35% of the clicks, the second in line receives 12% and the third, approximately, 9.5% – the results after that receive even lesser percentage of the clicks. Hence, it is very important to try and be in the top 3, the top 10 in the least.

Studies have shown that, Search Engine Optimization is an investment which gives a business the most return on investment when compared to all conventional forms of marketing. While all other traditional forms of marketing build your brand when the customer is doing some other activity – for e.g. reading a newspaper, watching a serial, going to the movies; the SEO tools is working to build your brand while your customer is looking for a product or a service you are trying to sell.

More often than not when people are looking for something in a search engine they don’t end their search at the first go. They type in a few keywords, go through the results that pop up and save some of the findings.  They, then, go back and search again with new keywords just to ensure they have looked for the right data. Now, imagine if in all the different types of searches a person did related to your website, if your website pops in 9 out of the 10 searches – you have built a positive and strong brand perception in the person’s mind. Not to mention that higher probability that the person will actually click through your website and end up buying from you.

While more and more people are coming to your website due to better SEO, whether they end up buying your product or service, you are still gaining with this increased traffic.  the analytics tools that help your website come up in the search results, also provide you with data on the customers – what types of customers are attracted to your website, what are the other type of sites they are searching, and a demographic based on their geos. Eventually, this kind of data can help you strengthen your product and brand mix further.