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Why Your Multi-store Brand Needs Local Social Media Marketing?

Remember this Pantaloons ad that went viral in Diwali 2018?

Initially, this pantaloons ad was made by renowned filmmaker Aditya Vikram Sengupta For Pantaloons, West Bengal in the Bengali language during Durga Puja. When the Ad received an immense response in Bengal, Pantaloons Marketing Management launched versions of the same ad in different languages during Diwali.

This is because your audience must be able to relate to your marketing initiatives.

Marketing on the basis of “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work in today’s times. Whether you belong to retail, medical, hospitality, F&B or retail sector, only when your audience feels a connect/relatability to your marketing initiatives that they will react or respond to them.

A localized strategy has been important since the advent of marketing strategy. Today, in this Hansaa Digiventures blog we will share with you why local marketing of your brand is a must on Social Media channels that is, why your brand needs localized Social Media Marketing plans?

A) Two-way communication

As a brand, continuous one-way promotional communication can bombard your audience with too much data. They might get bored and irritated of your campaigns. Social Media marketing is an exception here and lets you carry on two-way marketing communication where you will be able to hear from your audience in the form of reviews, customer feedbacks, product ratings and user information. While positive feedback and messages can make your brand, the negative ones can break it.

B) First-hand choice of today’s customers

India has the second largest number of internet users and A survey by Nielsen and McKinsey company suggests that Today around 60% of consumers research brands and products through social networking platforms. Thus, having a Social Media presence with localized marketing strategies will connect your brand easily to its prospective consumers.

C) Retargeting and Remarketing

Social Media channels facilitate advance localized marketing with options like age, location, education level, industry, and even user behavior. In fact, using Facebook Pixel, you can track your Facebook ad performance and retarget your ads accordingly. Thus, using the retarget facility, you can use the same marketing campaign and remarket it to a different audience.

Before you head to your smartphone or laptop and scratch your head on how to do Local Social Media Marketing of your brand, here is a Tips list that can save your time and effort:

To-Dos for your Local Social Media Marketing(SMM) strategy Expected Results
1 Check local SMM strategies of your peer and competitor brands Understand the kind of marketing posts that work and apply the same for your brand
2 Promote offers only for your SMM audience Widen your SMM audience
3 Your content must include the local flavour (language, lifestyle and so on) Hits the sentiment of your local audience and thus, works
4 Respond to your audience in the local language This will make your SMM a real two-way communication
5 Talk about local events and news To hold on to your audience’s interest
6 Ensure your location is updated in all social media channels Get more footfall
7 Get local celebrities on your brand page Impacts your brand reputation
8 Promote your brand USPs that cater the local market demands Market expansion
9 Share your posts and pictures in local social groups and communities Enhance brand presence
10 Connect with local bloggers and collaborators for cross promotion Increase brand reach